July 22, 2011

Montrail On A Roll - Hot New Shoes For 2012!

I'm salivating! The new 2012 Montrail catalogue just found its way to me and on top of the plenitude of rad new colors, there are THREE brand new shoes, AND the debut of the long awaited OutDry on five others. Oh, and I have to ensure that I mention these won't be available until Feb 2012.

The highlights are definitely the three new kicks. Starting off with an even lighter version of a Rogue Racer called the Rogue Fly 

Then The Badwater, which is being billed as a neutral, cushioned, hybrid.

and the third newbie being the Bajada in which Mr. iRunFar ran to a successful 31st placing at the Western States 100 last month in a time of 19h24m. Neutral, cushioned, and superior traction.  

Check out the full 2012 catalogue below and let the countdown to Feb begin!

We will return to your regularly scheduled program after OR in Utah in a few short weeks...until then here are some pics of the newbies plus the latest colours for the MM:

Rogue Fly
Mountain Masochist



Moogy said...

Suhweet...can't wait to see those Camino and Bajadas.

Still waiting for a re-appearance of the Vitesses though. ;)

trudginalong said...

The fly's look awesome, though I wish they'd cut that heel down a bit. It looks like the exact same sole as the Rouge Racer. Is that right?

Brandon Williams said...

A Gary where is the Rockridge!? Please tell me they still are continuing to make it.

garobbins said...

Moogy, you and everyone else born before 1985

Patrick, agreed they look awesome and though I haven't seen them yet they do appear to be made on the same 'last' as the Rogue Racers. As an example if you're familiar with the Streak and the Mountain Masochist. Same 'last', very different fit. I'm guessing Rogue Fly will be very comparable fit to RR but minus whatever fell off when they shook it in production.

Brandon, great question. Looks to be dead my friend. I'd stock up while ya still can!


Brandon Williams said...

That blows I finally find a shoe that works great for me and they take it away, the Bad rock is really similar though right?

garobbins said...

Similar fit. Give it a whirl. It's too bad when we find something that works for us and the masses don't agree and buy them too so that companies can continue to stock them.


Kurt said...

I have tried them all on and this is what I thought. The Fly is the same midsole/outsole as Rouge just a lighter upper. Camino has been dropped from line. The Badwater is the Fairhaven without the fluid post and last but in my mind the best the Bajada is the best of them all. A tad more cushion than the Rouge with a great upper and super traction on the bottom!!! Love em

René said...

Where is the catalogue???