July 15, 2011

Funny Fridays

Three quick ones to throw your way this week. Starting with how NOT to use a rowing machine, followed by the incomparable Will Ferrell, and finally just a friendly reminder, in case you'd already forgotten...or tried to.



Chris Reed said...

Very good! I especially like the Lord of the Rings vid. And curse you Gary, my kids and I are now addicted to annoying orange. Keep the funny fridays coming! Recover well.


Lord of the rings vid was very therapeutic... except I have that stupid trololo song BACK in my head!
Keep up the laughs.

Laura H said...

Love it! Especially the squish noise when Saruman gets impaled at the end!

Hone said...

Keep these coming dude. Need some happy moments here is SoCal right now.

Hope you are doing well and keeping in good spirits.

garobbins said...

10-4 Evan!
Sorry to hear about you joining the disabled list this year as well. Here's hoping for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery!