July 26, 2011

Electric Boogaloo

(sick rhymes, sicker moves yo!)

The above has virtually nothing to do with my posting. In fact it has exactly 3.02748% to do with anything, ever, in the history of mankind. But damn they gots moves! Anyone else actually remember this stuff?

Anyways, personally life is rolling right along and overall things are great, HOWEVER, things were made even gooder (yes I love that word) after a recent acquisition of a new toy. I like to think of it as a problem solver, which is how I justified the $500 purchase. ($500.99 to be exact...ya know if ya sold it for $1 cheaper you could say it's under five hundred all in right? Anywho)

Problems that needed solving:

-the whole being sidelined all summer bit was getting old. Older still was the loss of the ability to 'walk' to accessible locations such as the coffee shop (sweaty mess if actually sunny), grocery store (backpack full of groc not conducive to crutching any actual distance), dog walks (dogs get bored and actually start gnawing on my one good stump)
-unnecessarily driving a 30 year old car around town. I love my car. I go to Seattle/Tacoma in it twice a month to see my beautiful girlfriend, but it's almost as old as I am and as such it enjoys lengthy breaks. Driving five minutes to spend ten minutes looking for a parking spot was getting old in a hurry
-loss of ability to freely move any real distance outside of a car, such as bike paths, trails, walking, etc. Beyond fitness, training, and racing, what I have missed more than anything throughout this process is the simple daily ability to get outside, cover some distance, breath some fresh air, and take in some sunshine
-an eventual 12km commute to my soon to be office for Pure Life Pursuits Distribution in Vancouver (oh yeah, I need to back track a posting on this one as I only mentioned on FB & Twitter, opps)
SO. After the better part of five hours of online research into what might work best I placed an order for the Super Turbo 800 Watt Elite...and it arrived just the other day. I have named her/him, Damiano Cunego or DC, because during the recent Tour De France I thought this was the coolest name of any of the lead riders, though Canada's own Ryder Hesjedal comes in a very close second.



Jenn said...

I was wondering how long it would take you to get the go-pro out!!! so JEALOUS of this brilliant purchase!

Aaron said...

You are SOOOO ready for the retirement community. Scooter, no hair, disabled...

Jason Eads said...


wiglebot said...

Cool solution. You could be a running coach on that thing (until you get better).
I went nuts and got a nice carbon road bike for North Van / Vancouver. Hey, lets race to the Seymour Dam and back.
The last days of the Tour were Awesome. Here is some W/kg info if you are into it.

Hoppy said...

Nice purchase Gary!and the bike paths look great. You be styling !. Although, kinda looks like the scooter out of dumb and dumber, just wait till winter : ).

Jess said...

lol. that's an awesome purchase choice!