November 01, 2008

Western Here I Come Baby!!!!!!!!!

Mountain Masochist quick cap:

I managed to snag a 2nd place finish here in Virginia today, and am Western bound for 09 baby!!

I know I had some Lady Luck on my side because there was just no way that I could match Eric Grossman, Zach Miller, and Lon Freeman's pace up front. After moving into 4th place however I kept telling myself that one of them would crack as they were blazing it up there. I had no choice really, I would have ended up with a DNF myself had I tried to make up the gap they had on me. I actually verbally told myself that one person would drop, and that if I could just maintain my position then I might be able to sneak out a 3rd place finish.

What I did not expect, and could not believe, was that two of them dropped!! I moved into 2nd place without having passed anyone and just tried to stay calm and to keep my gap over 3rd.

I suffered immensely in the mid portion of this race and was amazed that I was not caught for 2nd and 3rd place. In the end I ended up finishing in 7h22m47s, Eric Grossman cruised in for a 7h08m48s overall win and local runner Jeremy Ramsey finished third in 7h31m44s.


Off to grab a shower, some eats and some drinks. I then intend to burn my running clothes and will run next to nothing for a full two months. It's been a very long year and I needs a break baby!

Canes vs Leafs tomorrow and home on Monday night. What a weekend!!



Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, Robbins! It's not lady luck - it's brains and hardwork. You deserve it all. Congrats on your spot into Western States...something else to destroy.


Anonymous said...

get an excellent break then all eyes on you gary :)
you are simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary!! I am FLOORED by your results. I knew you'd be up there and to get second is so awesome. Have a good recovery, you deserve it!


Anonymous said...

You are the rock star of all rock stars! I also agree that it isn't lady luck. Your hard work, preparation and belief in yourself are an inspiration!
Much Love,
Em, Luke and Spencer

Anonymous said...

i get goose bumps from how excited i am for you. all your hard work and dedication have paid off. what a great, smart race you had. congratulations!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, our 'rogue' BC boy did us proud! Great race Gary! Enjoy the R&R ...IF you can relax for that long. I agree with Emily-you are an inspiration!! I want to grow up to be an inspiration...oh no,too late, I'm over 40 now so I am happy with respiration and perspiration.


Anonymous said...

congrats GR. I sure am jealous of your spot at WS100. I would love to have the perseverance you have to put in all those long hours.

As long as Nic doesn't qualify I would love to offer my pacing abilities but Im not sure that I could even keep up when your at mile 60 or so. But maybe at night. (if your not done by then)


Anonymous said...

my gosh do people love you! do they realize that you are doing this just to make up for a boring and uninviting personality and a complete absence of a sense of humor. not to mention the tiny...

fine...i am among the masses in saying, "HOLY S*@T!!! You are amazing and I am so proud of you!"

Love you so much amigo. CONGRATS!


Anonymous said...

Nice work Gary! You sure are having a great year on your feet!!! I did some mathematical calculations and my only advice is that if you ran faster, you would have had 1st place. Let me know if you need me to clarify this theory to you... ;0)

Anonymous said...

Great job, you rocked. You beat a lot of top runners. I'm sure that you can't wait to run WS100. Enjoy some R&R over the next few weeks but don't loose that shape by slacking too much... Mental toughness is key in those long distance races and you got that part under control !!!


The Chaser said...

Nice...(said with a borat accent)

great job from the blogosphere world Gary!

Matt Hart said...

g. rob... well played my friend.. well played.

Leslie said...


Bruce Grant said...

awesome, Gary. What an amazing season you have had this year, it just keeps getting better.
It's great to see a Canadian mixing it up with those big dogs down south!