November 05, 2008

The Post Race Hangover

I know, I know, where's the race report, where's the write up, where are the stories??

I arrived home on Monday night at 8pm after traveling for almost 14 hours straight. Actually I spent the night at Jackie's place as she was watching Roxy and it saved me another 30min drive to get home proper...well that and I wanted to see her again after being gone for five days!

The next morning I drove straight to work. Immediately following work yesterday I attended a slide show that was put on by some 'Fat Ass' running friends here in North Van. I had to jet early as my bed was calling my name. I slept in this morning and basically had just enough time to take Roxy out for a two minute pee break before heading back to work again. I was cranky all day and am still pretty edgy right now. I intended to post my race report this evening but am feeling none of the post race excitement that would allow me to properly recap my incredible experiences down in Virginia and North Carolina. I had a wonderful and eventful five day get away and refuse to write about th0se experiences until I can do it justice.

The moodiness following a big event like this is pretty typical for me, and I know I am not alone as I have had numerous conversations with other athletes who suffer from the same emotional hang overs. Even though I work in a great environment at the running store for North Shore Athletics, and I have amazing support and congrats from those around me during and after such events, it does not lessen the time it takes to recover from such incredible adrenaline rushes!

I know I'll be fine in a day or two, hopefully tomorrow morning, and I'm not looking for pity or sympathy here. I'll be right back on top of the world when I can reflect upon what an accomplishment this past weekend was for me. I just need a few days to come to terms with reality's like people who say they need a vacation to recover from their vacation, before heading back to work again.

Anyways, the race report will come shortly, and I promise it won't be of novel proportions this time either!!

Before I head to bed here, and it's not even 9pm, I would also like to take two seconds to extend my sincerest thanks to everyone out there who follows along on my stupid little adventures. The fact that so many of you take the time to share your thoughts and energy will never cease to amaze me. I spend a lot of my time while running and racing thinking about family and friends, and I am constantly reminding myself of how damn fortunate I am. The most recent comments regarding Mountain Masochist did everything from make me laugh, to stir up emotions and help inspire me to go further...and hopefully faster! From the bottom of my heart, thanks so much!!



Nicola Gildersleeve said...

They're not stupid little adventures!! Their like, huge epic amazing adventures! I am so happy for you. Hopefully I can follow in your footsteps at way too kool or miwok!!

Gary Robbins said...

Thanks Gilder! I know you'll snag a top three at one if not both of those races and we'll all be down at Western next year!!
Good luck tomorrow!