October 29, 2008

Follow Along Live Online

From the RD:

In an effort to show your friends and family as much of your suffering (I mean running) as possible, here are several recent efforts we are going to implement for this year’s MMTR.

You can catch up on the MMTR in multiple ways (You'll have to cut and paste):

1. The Blog (http://www.eco-xsports.blogspot.com/) where there will be audio posts from me

2. Live Splits (http://eco-xsports.com/livestats.php?race=2&year=2008) for each runner as we have signals.

3. Twitter Feed whenever we post updates (http://twitter.com/mntmasochist)

4. Flickr Photo Stream (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8977494@N08/)

5. YouTube Videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/ctwzeala

Comments by Karl Metlzer:
More darkhorses out there, this could be the best 50 miler of the year in term of competition…hands down!

David Horton, course designer and original RD:
There are 4 very well known threats for the MMTR this Saturday: Zach Miller, who won last year, Eric Grossman and Sean Andrish who have both won the MMTR before and Lon Freeman. These are 4 very fast runners. Zach, Eric, and Sean all ran the Tussey Mountain 50 miler very recently and may still feel the effects of that race. A local runner, Jeremy Ramsey, is ready to make a major breakthrough in this race. I think anyone of these 5 runners could win the race.

No matter what the outcome, at least I am finally getting to test myself against some of the best while I am feeling good. I'll go on record right now and say no excuses, this is the race that I will judge my season on.



The Chaser said...

go GR go...

just remember, if it wasn't tough, it wouldn't be worth doing.

Anonymous said...

good luck gary! your oilers suck, but your gonna rock!


Anonymous said...

Go show the Yankees how it's done.I'm sure you will kick some ass and make Canada proud !!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I just checked out some sites and this race is being talked up like mad. This could be your big fame opportunity Robbins! Remember though, race smart and it will all come together.

garobbins said...

Thanks everyone, your comments help calm down my nervous excitement!! Leaving North Van at 6am tomorrow, racing before I know it!

Anonymous said...

go for it gary!

Daniel Probst said...

He's off to the airport! Gary showed up this moring at 7am at my house down here in bellingham to catch the shuttle to seatac. Good luck Gary. You can see his last sighting here.


Daniel Probst said...

Oh! I was just watching the news and looks like seatac was just put into lockdown? Gary your not supposed to run in the airport.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary sorry I didn't send this sooner but just wanted to wish you all the best to get to WS. Race the Gary Robbins way - slow and steady, then pass them like they're standin' still!!

Anonymous said...

let all the training payoff!!
good luck
lisa p

Anonymous said...

You have trained hard. "the best you can do this day is the best you can do" Accept your results- whatever they are for they are your best on this day

Anonymous said...

You the man... do what you can!!
(Yeah, lame saying, but the dudes ahead of me said it all) . However you do ,we are all proud of you cuz... well, none of us are running it. Just finishing is an amazing accomplishment for us mere mortals.


Dom Repta said...

Gary 2nd Overall!! awesome. Western '09 BABY

Anonymous said...

Dude! 2nd place? did grossman cheat? you are amazing my man. i hope you have your fifth pint in your hand by now. congrats. see you at the western states!