August 06, 2008

Update On Fatality At RTR A Few Weeks Back

Quoting the Race Director:

"Hey everyone,

I know a few people are wondering what happened out on the course last
week. I didn't want to say until I had permission from the family to
reveal the results from the tests that they performed.

Marty passed away from a heart attack. The results indicate that Marty had
a heart defect that had gone undetected by previous physical examinations.
When his heart had decided to stop working, there wasn't anything that
anyone could have done to save him. It was simply his time. And as many
have said about him, he wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

(By request of the family)

1. Urge everyone with a family history of heart troubles to demand every
possible test on their heart. She doesn't want any one else to go through

2. Keep Race the Rockies going. Marty wouldn't have wanted it to stop
because of this."

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