August 05, 2008

The Perfect Taper, Tofino Style

This past weekend's surf trip to Tofino, BC was the absolute best possible taper I could have imagined. We had an incredible time and it was one of the most balanced getaways in recent memory.

Surfing, BBQing, camping, beach running, star gazing, late nights around the camp fire, no alarms, great conversation, meeting new friends, complete relaxation...who could ask for more than that!

I have a ton of stories and write ups that I would love to post to my blog, but alas, the pics will have to do for this one.

Stormy 100 miler
, from this minute, is exactly 60.5 hrs away, and I CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT FOR IT!! It dawned on me that I have not finished an actual race since the May 10th Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race, also in Squamish coincidentaly enough. This has seemed to fuel my racing fire even more than usual and I am counting down the seconds until I get to try and tackle this completely foreign distance...


Oh yeah, check out this crazy new riding device, and be sure to watch the vid as well.


Deanna Stoppler said...

Excellent photos, Gary. Roxy cracks me up too, especially the rock photo. Good luck in your 100 miler. No crazy falls or crashes, eh! Can't wait to hear about it.

Anonymous said...

gary, it's great to see even you elite athletes do not train all the time! looks like a frikin awesome time! good luck in the stormy and if you need a place to crash, give us a holler. cheers!

billy and heater

garobbins said...

Yeah one of my main goals in this race is to not do a face plant at any time! I love that rock pic of Roxy as well, dogs rock...get it!

B&H, hope to see you guys out on the weekend. I'll be heading up Friday morn and running Sat night. I think we're heading back Sat but may take you up on the offer otherwise. Roxy and Luna can spend some quality time together!


Tom Craik said...

Gary, I'm envious dude. It's great to see that fast people relax too. Unfortunately, I think I relax more than I am fast. Is there a relaxation competition anywhere? I'd go for gold at that.

All the best this weekend G! I'll be around for support, jokes and of course...more cowbell!!!!!!


garobbins said...

Oh crap, I think I still owe Duncan money from Mt Saint Helens...don't tell him!!