April 23, 2008

Some Pics and Vid From 6hr Run

Pictures are worth a thousand words right? Here's my 6,000 word recap of my training run this weekend!

Weather not looking so pretty down towards Van and Vic!

Looking pretty damn sweet in Squamish though!

I ended up on a completely new trail and came across this rock wall memorial. It was kinda freaky to just stumble across, but someone obviously put a ton of work into it!

Ten minutes later and we came across this old collapsed cabin on a secluded lake. I think Roxy is sizing up a squirrel for lunch!

A few hours after the cabin and we were on some typical 'old school' B.C. trail work, Roxy was not only posing, but leaning to one side so as not to block the tree stairs behind her!

After 6hr of running Roxy was asleep before her head hit her pillow! In case some of you may think that is just too much running for a dog, of course I bring along a meal for her to eat mid way, and she woke up on Sunday and was dying to go again! This dog is a machine!!

A short video of the gorgeous views we had on the day.



Anonymous said...

Seems like there was a lot of stopping on your 6 hour 'run'

Gary Robbins said...

That's because I'm not pushing a baby stroller around, so when I'm running, I'm actually covering quite a bit of ground!
Not to worry though Aaron, if they decide to include a baby stroller category to the Knee Knacker I'm sure you'd kill it!!

Anonymous said...


garobbins said...

And that was just a jab Aaron...look out for ma uppercut when things get real nasty!