April 22, 2008

The Countdown Is On...

Just ten days to go till my first ever 100km ultra run! I got my bib number in the mail today, two ninety nine, two ninie nine, two dolla ninie nine cent...I like it, and for no real reason other than the fact that I can now say my race number is two ninie nine!

I put in the longest training run of my life on Saturday, a solid 6hr with over 6,000 feet of climbing. The best part was that I only seemed to feel stronger as the hours ticked away and I am definitely feeling fit and ready to rock it down at Miwok! I can't wait to board that plane to San Fran next weekend!

Saturday night involved getting together with a few buds for some UFC 83 action, which was also followed up by some drinking and partying. I justified it by dragging my ass outta bed on Sunday to log a great paced 2.5hr run in Deep Cove and a 1.5hr road ride in Squamish. Oh yeah, and all that snow that was forecast for Saturday...well it snowed in North Van, it snowed in Whistler, hell it even snowed in Victoria...but in Squamish, not a single flake! That strong northerly wind that is ever present in Squampton at this time of year seemed to keep the rough weather at bay and although a ridiculously windy day, I seemed to be the only one of my running friends that got off with a long run on nothing but sweet single track!

Monday night was a nice, fun 45min run. It was supposed to be 1.5hr but after I noticed that I had a nail in my car tire, and that it was flat, I had to cut the run in 1/2 and deal with the issue at hand.

Today was another great but windy day and I managed to hang onto the rear wheel of my riding friend Dwayne Kress for 2.5hr...well I held his wheel for 2hr, then my legs went POP, you're on your own now, and I glided home to watch the game seven NHL action.

Todd and I have decided to race The Suburban Rush this coming weekend, which is a short course adventure race with winning times of about 2hr. The course is completely flagged with ZERO navigation, and fellow Helly Hansen racer's Justin Mark and Jeff Reimer will be competing. With no nav to give us an advantage this will be a tough and fast barn burner of an event...game on!

That's it for this posting, just a quick update on some stuff without too much depth...not a single word of what was dreamed up during my latest runs and rides! It's bedtime for me.



DARTvg said...

Bummer fight by your Vancouver representative...Kalib Starnes ran away from Quarry the entire fight. GSP looked tough! Maybe MMA is a sport for you to look into after you retire from endurance stuff. Come out of the gates swinging at like 65 years old?

Gary Robbins said...

Surrey, Starnes is from Surrey, let's just get that straight, pretty much a different country out there!
It was definitely a lame fight, who flips the bird to someone their fighting as they are back stepping?!

Yeah, watching UFC on Sat made me realize that I may have missed out on my great calling in life. If only after my first and only fight, at age 15, in front of Sunrise Grocery in Mt. Pearl Nfld, where I perfected the 'windmill rapid punch' of which there is no known defence, I had decided to train I'd have been in there chasing, and catching I might add, SURREY NATIVE Kalib Starnes!!


Anonymous said...

And who was it again that taught you how to change a flat?!

garobbins said...

I know you've got a pretty good memory Sherri, but I think you've got this one backwards! I changed flats LONG before we even met...unless you're referring to something else and it went straight over my head. I figured you'd have a scrapping comment, you fought more than I did!!


Anonymous said...

As for the fighting we won't even go there!!!!I do remember showing you somewhere in NZ on a very muddy mountain in the rain(just think if I left it like this what people would think)!!! How to change a tire that is!!

Gary Robbins said...

I sold my bike right before you flew in...