April 17, 2008

The Blah Blah Blahs

I'm definitely suffering from a low of energy this week and unfortunately my training has been compromised. I have a few big days planned this weekend with Saturday consisting of a 6hr run + 3hr ride, and I'm just trying not to bury myself before this. The forecast isn't helping one bit, with everything from rain to snow to sleet making an appearance on the evening news lately.

I'm feeling the pressure of having to find a place to live in North Vancouver for May 1st...yup, as much as I love Squamish, the time has come to make the big move. Work awaits and there are absolutely no serious options for me in Squampton. Since I no longer own a home there it makes absolutely zero sense to torture myself on a daily basis with the 2-2.5hr return commute along the Sea To Sky Highway.

There seem to be plenty of places for rent, but amazingly enough, considering B.C.'s dog population, dog friendly housing is very hard to come by. I have only managed to make it to one home showing out of four, as the other three called me in advance of our apts to let me know they had found renters already, and we're talking within the first hour of hosting an open house! It was all summed up best when last night I had an apt to look at a 'bright and spacious' two bedroom (I have options of friends to share a unit with if need be) just down the street from North Shore Athletics on Lonsdale. It was comical for as I pulled up in my vehicle four others simultaneously converged and all of us entered together. We all shared a look of shock at entering what could only be described as a run down crack house...and all for the low, low monthly cost of just 1200 dollars plus utilities!

I managed to get up at 6am this morning and squeeze in a really good 1hr run before embarking on my 1h15m drive to work. The positive of the day was that I actually checked out an incredibly nice single bedroom dwelling this afternoon (incredible of course being a relative term at this point in time), and am hoping to hear in the next few days if Roxy and I have 'won the lottery' with this one.

I did not realize the toll everything was taking on me lately until I awoke at 4am on Tues morning completely covered in sweat! The only time in my life that I have ever experienced this has been while fighting a fever and the flu. I did not feel sick at all and was completely shocked and confused. My alarm was set for 6am that day so as to hit up the gym before my commute, but when the beeps sounded I didn't move an inch. If I was on the verge of getting a cold or the flu I certainly was not about to do anything stupid and help it along! I haven't felt bad since, just continually tired, which I guess is normal given the circumstances.

I was supposed to pull a double run today, having scheduled a 90m session tonight, but without a training partner to fall back on, I managed to convince myself that it might not be the best idea right now. I'll hit up an early morning run tomorrow, fight the weather for 9hr on Sat, and again for 4hr on Sunday for a weekly total of 17hr, and then it's taper time...thank God it's taper time! I'm looking forward to the break, and assuming I can find a place to reside in the next few days I'm sure the lack of stress won't hurt a bit either!



Baldwin said...


That sucks that you're sick, but hey, perfect time for it. Got my Miwok bib yesterday! I'm number 200!
Mt Si was a fast 50 miler, I needed the distance, but I didn't think I'd have that good of a time:8:39:47!
I'd say take it easy, but considering you've done so well on so little, you're probably looking to qualify for Western at Miwok!

Gary Robbins said...

Hey Baldwin, I'm not sick, just tired and trying to stay healthy right now!
Congrats on a solid race at Mt Si!!
How did you get your bib number for Miwok already?
Qualify for Western, I didn't even know, is it top three that get in?


Baldwin said...


Oops, i was a little hasty in diagnosing you. I'm not a doctor, although I sure like playing it!

Yeah, if you're top 3 you get one of the coveted montrail ultracup spots for 2008 WS.

Tia, the RD, mailed it to all the registrants. Are you still living at where you were living when you registered? She said she was going to start mailing the bibs and run info 080409. A week later sounds about right

garobbins said...

No top three for this guy at Miwok just yet!
I have not checked my mail in awhile, so it should be there. That's a great idea since the race starts at 5:30am!
See ya there in a few weeks.