August 30, 2007

We Made It!!

Holy crap, what a race!

Plenty of stories from this one, but the only one worth telling right now is that we finally finished a FULL expedition length race as a ranked team, what a feeling!!

It was like a wildlife safari out there, we came across five snakes, one, a red belly black snake is one of the deadliest in the world, had a dolphin swim between our kayaks, noticed a black tipped reef shark shortly before we commenced a snorkel section, nearly biked into a kangaroo, not to mention seeing wallabies, a bilby, and a goana.

I think there was more, but am still in a bit of a haze with everything. We have an incredible condo rented out for the next five days and are just preparing a sweet BBQ dinner before hitting up the backpacker town of Airlie Beach. It will be awhile before I get updates and such on here, but we have almost 20 minutes of video of the race as well.

Awesome time so will be hard to return home in a week...if I did not have my dog at home waiting I might have decided to get a bartending job and hang out for a few months!


Anonymous said...

Great job guys and awesome finish! Glad you had a great race..can't wait to hear the stories. -JVG

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity..did you scream like a girl when you saw the snake? Or was it a bit bigger than the one you saw at the Calgary Zoo?!!!!!