August 17, 2007

Almost There...

It just keeps going and going and going and going...I departed Vancouver over 31 hours ago and I am just getting ready to board my last flight, from Brisbane to Mackay, in an hour...make it end!

Although I have but slept a few hours since I left things are going good so far. I have already watched 4 new movies and managed to make it to Australia without having to pay a surcharge for my mountain bike...although technically I could have gotten in some trouble for it. Anyways, stories to come, one flight to go, then some serious zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.



Matt Hart said...

kick some ass over there!

The Chaser said...

good luck! i am excited to read about the race.

Anonymous said...

Garrrrrrryyyy!!! You left!
Good luck over there - and hi to mark!
I need to get the kayaks!
Email me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary, I just looked at teh stats and it ooks like your in 15th place, well done! So sorry we couldn't come down and see you, tming is everything, keep up the good work.
Karen & Nick

Anonymous said...

Nick just told me he'll chip in $10 towards your ticket up here, I'll match his donation so your almost here!