September 02, 2007

It's Almost Over...

I did not realize that Mark and I signed up for the Expedition PLUS event...I think I have slept less since the race finished then when we were actually out on the course!

It has been a crazy and amazing week since we finished the 800km XPD, complete with snorkeling, sailing, flying and exploration of numerous watering holes.

Flying out tomorrow, can't wait to get a full nights rest again...



Anonymous said...

Hey there...i work with your Dad at Canada Post and he told me to check out your web page and i did!...AMAZING ADVENTURES AND SUPER BLOGGING! Cant wait to read about your next one!

Sho said...

Good job. I was watching at the site of XPD. I am photographer who came from Japan. Will you participate next year?I wanted to go next year.
See you later.

Sho Fujimaki

Anonymous said...

Damn I'm Jealous. Good work Gary!


Anonymous said...


The west coast trials under 24 hours must have been a good warm up for you.

John Buffett