August 14, 2007

Australia Here I Come!

I am having trouble believing that I will back be in Australia in just a few days!

I spent a full year in Australia and New Zealand in 2000 and had some the best experiences of my life...bring on the sand and surf baby!

Oh yeah, but first Team Helly Hansen-MOMAR will be competeing in XPD the Australian Epic Expedition Adventure Race, encompassing 800km of 'rainforest and reef'...there's even a snorkeling stage on The Great Barrier Reef itself!

You should be able to follow along on the XPD website.

Let's just hope that for the first time all year Team Helly Hansen-MOMAR can have a clean race and not get into any issues on the water or have any near death experiences!

As a small side note, I'm pretty sure we are the youngest team in the entire event, as I am somehow now the oldest member on my the hell did that happen?!


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