March 18, 2007


Only 5 full days till I head to Vancouver, then fly to San Diego, drive to Baja, and see the sun for the first time since late think I'm joking, but it's not far off the truth. It's been a brutal winter out here, record breaking snow for the ski hill and near record rains for most other areas. It's to the point now where if it doesn't rain for a full hour in a 24hr span, we call it a gorgeous day.

I am just going through all the final things that need to be attended to and only today was I able to get my hands on our boats for the race! The race organization supplies boats for one stage and you have to bring your own for the other. Thankfully the race organizers have been amazingly helpful and genuinely concerned throughout the entire process. In fact I think she was more relieved than I was when we finally booked them today. (I guess there is a big kayak race around S.D. the same week that we need them. Not to mention that most companies are not too fond of foreigners renting their gear and then heading off to Mexico with it!)

So I just have a few easy runs, rides and paddles left to go. Oh yeah, and some rappelling on Thursday to get my mind refreshed with everything again...the ropes section of this course is going to be absolutely EPIC!!!

Anyways, it's 12:30am and I really should head to bed...I know that I am just going to lay there for an hour and think about the race anyways, but off I go.


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