March 22, 2007

What Are Friends For?

Helping to refresh my ropes skills to keep from gettin dead in my big race next week, that's what! (Thanks Ashley)

Another typical spring day of continuous rain did not stop us from getting out there and hopping off the rocks a few's never really as bad outside as you tend to think it is while sitting inside anyways and after a few minutes we didn't even notice the rain coming down...and how could I when I was staying warm and dry in my brand new fully waterproof and completely breathable Helly Hansen Zone Jacket and Helly Hansen Packable Hybrid Pants!

This will be the last posting before I fly out on Sat afternoon, so wish us luck!
I will do my best to post a race report from Mexico, but I may be too busy laying on the beach and drinking tequila's...we'll have to wait and see I guess.

You should be able to track our progress, Team
Helly Hansen/MOMAR on the following websites.
It may not be as exciting as the GPS tracking from Primal Quest last year, but they should have written updates throughout the event. We'll do our best to be in as many of them as possible!
Crazy, huge thanks go out to Helly Hansen for sponsoring our team this year and providing us with the absolute best racing gear on the planet! Check out the Helly Hansen Mars Jacket if you have a free second...pretty unbelievable!

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