March 15, 2007

Quick Update

In lame ass point form...

For anyone who has been following my posts for the last three weeks or more, this will all make sense,

-21 hours of training the week following the Dirty Duo, which I was damn happy with considering I could not walk, let alone run, for almost three full days.

-Basically four weeks 'off' from training!!! Two weeks of 'tapering' for Baja, followed by the race, followed by some serious recovery.

-House levy got shot down, GREAT NEWS, I'm not broke for the next decade.

-My identity was stolen...poor bastard, should have chosen someone with more money than me! After lots of paper work it appears I will get my funds reimbursed in a few weeks.

-The house was not even up for sale when the realtor called and said that if possible, in 5 hours we could show it to two couples...oh yeah, no problem, I haven't vacuumed it in two weeks, the dog is shedding like she lives in Hawaii and you can count how many hours of training I have put in since January by the rings in the should also be mentioned that it was the nicest day of the entire year! Somehow it was pulled off, including a trip to Home Depot for plants, flowers and art work...I was putting random holes in the walls five minutes before they walked in.

-24 hours later and the house is sold!!!! Must have been the art work.

-8 days, 12 hours and fifteen minutes till Baja...



Turtlepace said...

So happy for you. Congrats on selling the house and not having to pay the levy!

Anonymous said...

Living out of a tent again?