February 25, 2007

Good Times!

Awesome paddle this morning, even though it was snowing, to cap off a 22hr training week. This leads me into a recovery week of just 12hr and coincidentally enough, another race!

On Sat March 3rd I will be racing the 50km ultra marathon known as the Dirty Duo

This race is unique in the fact that it is really 5 races all held on the same day. You can choose running distances of 15km, 25km, or 50km, or you can do 'The Duo' as a solo or relay, which consists of a 25km run and 30km mountain bike ride.

Last year I raced The Duo as a solo and finished 5Th (although I was never actually passed while in 4Th place...long story and I'm certainly not still bitter!), this year I am running the ultra for the first time and feeling great with just six days till race day.

Hopefully I'll have a great race report to post next weekend...


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Turtlepace said...

Go Gary, go! Hope you have a good one at the DD. Half of the T/J's (the young ones) are seriously sick with the flu. Not making any plans at this point.... Stay healthy.