February 20, 2007

Roller Coasters

(A picture from the latest Club Fat Ass event I participated in this past weekend)

I thought I liked roller coasters, but lately I have felt like I'm stuck on that big roller coaster of life and can't seem to get off.

Too much to cover tonight, but I had a great week of training with 21hr and a solid 10hr training day on Sat alone (1.5hr kayak / 5hr mtn bike / 3.5hr run). I have lost four pounds since the New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 and have never felt so physically fit before.

Monday was fun in the city with fellow North Shore Athletics co-workers. Free shoes, free food, free drinks, what more can a guy ask for!

I got home to Squamish at midnight (I only enjoyed two free drinks) and was greeted with the latest strata document from my town home complex.

In 24hrs I went from thinking I was going to pay off all my debt by selling the home to realizing that not only will this no longer occur, but I will actually be loosing money on the damn house. It all boils down to some renovations to the complex that are going to cost 3X what they told us it would...you could buy a home in most markets for what we are going to pay for a new roof, siding and windows!

Life...one day at a time...stick with what you can control such as training, fitness and work...and let the rest play out I guess. I will know definitively in the coming weeks how bad this will end up for me. If it stays as it sounds today my whole race season will have to be altered, and I will be buying a thong to work the street corners of Squamish after hours to pay down my debt (that's a joke Dad!)...most people end up with a college education for stuff like this...I end up buying shingles and siding on a home that I still need to sell!


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