March 31, 2010

Oh THAT'S What That Feeling Is...

I was having trouble understanding why I've been feeling so damn good over the last six days? I kept awaiting the inevitable fatigue factor to set in, then it hit me, I'm fully healthy for the first time in what feels like forever! That damn bronchial infection stuck around a lot longer than I'd like to admit, and it was still affecting me, especially after my runs, up until last week.

In the last six days however I've put in some pretty intense runs, including a VO2 Max-Lactic Threshold test on Saturday via Peak Centre

This was followed up by a 20k run on Sunday, a tempo hill climb 15k on Monday, morning and evening fast paced 10k's on Tues, and then a 15k hammer fest climbing session this morning. I hadn't planned on much more today, but the weather was so nice that a few hours later I found myself out running a second 15k, in just over an hour...then I headed to the gym for an intense 45min workout. It wasn't until the final 10min of this that it hit me, I HAVE ENERGY, I FEEL GREAT, I'M NOT FATIGUED, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!

This really does track all the way back to HURT Hawaii in January...well that combined with the fact that for the first time ever, I did not have an off season last year. I started training for Western States 09 in January of last year...and I haven't really stopped since. The only breaks I've taken were forced breaks around Tamsin's hospital stay in December, and getting fully sick for the first time in two and a half years in late Feb. Each year prior had seen me take a break from training of at least six to ten full weeks!

Just looking back over my training since HURT shows me that I've only really had one, yes one solid week of consistent running. Everything else has been compromised by serious fatigue or feeling sick. This has been happening for so long that I'd almost considered it normal...until today!

Mike over at Peak has me on a specific training program that I just initiated this morning. Although there are obviously only four weeks left until the biggie, the MIWOK 100k in San Fran, I honestly think that there's enough time to fully get back on track and have MY race down there. What that means In terms of overall placing I'm not quite sure of, cause like every other ultra these days, IT'S STACKED!

All that to basically say, DAMN I FEEL GOOD RIGHT NOW, and damn it feels good to finally feel good again!!



Matt Hart said...

Werd GBins! So good to read this.. It's gonna be an awesome 2010 season!

garobbins said...

YEAH YEAH, thanks HART! Can't wait to see you at a race sometime soon too!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you are feeling so good now. Good luck at Miwok!! Great article on Tamsin in Trailrunner. Hope everything goes well for her as well.
Don Roes

Keegan Rathkamp said...

Go for it! It is great to see you taking advantage of your gifts. Tear em up at Miwok.

Happy Trails!