March 29, 2010

Win A Pair Of Montrail Mtn Masochists, Right Here, Right Now!

Alright how's this for a contest, I'm willing to give away one of my very own pairs of Montrail Mountain Masochist running shoes, only worn 137 times and in your standard size 11...just kidding, this is for real, I'll be giving away a BRAND NEW pair of Montrail Mountain Masochist shoes, and I'll even let YOU decide what size you want, how crazy is that!

In case you hadn't heard The Mountain Masochist is pretty much the hottest thing since sliced bread. I work at a running store and we're having trouble keeping them in stock these days. The shoe won Outside Magazines gear of the year in 09 and are available in even cooler colors for 2010!

I must first thank the coolest running store in B.C.,North Shore Athletics as they are allowing me to do a stock exchange on one of my own personal 2010 allotment of these shoes so that I can ensure the correct size for the very lucky winner. And of course Montrail themselves for supplying me with the shoes in the first place!

Before you go jumping to the comment section, there are slightly different rules this time...

I'm going to take all the names of those kind enough to donate any amount to Right To Play via the 'Conquer The Coasts' donations page. All I'm honestly asking for here is a $5.00 donation and your name goes in the draw.

To all who have already donated THANKS and obviously you'll be added as well.

NOW, I'll fire up ROXY for the hopeful increase in entries and figure out a new way to determine the winner!

THANKS again for your support with this!
Oh yeah, contest will close on April 15th.


Brendan said...

Busy day at work, first to respond, sign me up!



Jason Eads said...

Great cause, GR! Glad to support you and the kids in this one! -Jason

mrf0rd said...

Great idea to spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Roxy selection video!

Brent said...


Thought of you.

garobbins said...

Thanks All, I REALLY appreciate the donations and support on this one!

Brent, I LOVE that vid, even posted it to my 'Funny Fridays' back in November I think?


Unknown said...

I love my Montrail shoes, and am going to need a new pair soon. I also want to look cool like the kids of Team Montrail.