October 19, 2009

NEW Montrail Shoes + Mtn Mas 50m Field Update

AHH, I LOVE new gear!!

Just got my brand new Montrail Rockridge and 2010 Mountain Masochist (no changes from 09 version), and CAN'T WAIT TO TEST DRIVE EM!!

Unfortunately I have to stay smart and rest my calf. It feels much better today with the tightness not setting in until mid-day. I'm out the door shortly to test it on the road bike, which I haven't touched in over a month...Stanley Park here I come!

Oh yeah, and just got word from the Race Director for Mountain Masochist 50 Miler in under three weeks time...the race where you have to finish top two to go directly into the 2010 version of Western States...Last Minute Additions To The Field:

-Anton Krupicka, if ya don't know ya ain't into the sport!

-Geoff Roes, currently up for U.S. ultra runner of the year after some spectacular performances!

-Valmir Nunes, from Brazil. Short bio, 3rd fastest EVER 100k at 6h16m, winner of Badwater, Spartathlon, and Sunmart 50 miler in 5h30m!!

-Lon Freeman, former C.R. holder for Miwok 100k

OUCH, it's gonna be a BARN BURNER!! All I know is that outside of my recent injury I've never felt better or fitter and I'm ready to go up against the best of the best. I'd rather finish 5th in this field than 1st in a weak field. Bring it on!!



Paps said...

That's noble of you Gary, but at least first in a weak field gets you into Western States! Good luck buddy!!

garobbins said...

Thanks Paps...the upside here is that a win, or top two in this field would be FULLY LEGIT! I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Deanna Stoppler said...

Dude, I always wear Montrail. They rule! I tried the Continental Divide and Highlander (flats) but really like the Hardrocks best. That's what I always buy. Only complaint is that the stitching inside the shoe is so sharp and after running tons of miles, I often get blisters from it.

garobbins said...

You'll have to try out the new Montrail line up. Hardrock has been replaced and most shoes are way lighter than before but with same 'locked in' fit to them. I know a few versions of the old H.Rock were off but we haven't seen any issues with the new stuff!

Jason Eads said...

Yeah Gary, that Mountain Masochist shoe is BAD A$$, I love it! Very sturdy, and extremely light relative to it's high level of protection, etc.

Looking forward to the THROW DOWN/SHOW DOWN at MM50-mile - I'll be trying to monitor results to see how you finish. I know you'll do well!

Gary Robbins said...

Yeah I'm hoping the Mtn Mas shoe at the Mtn Mas race will be the right combo! It'll be the second time I've lined up a Montrail shoe with the race...in 06 I ran the Montrail Diez Vista in the Diez Vista 50k...useless info!