October 18, 2009

Running Barefoot Across US (not me)

Had to post this real quick, check out these links, and here's the info off his site:

Marathon running is not easy at the best of times. Running a marathon every day for 99 days is mindblowing. Throw in running barefoot and you have a distance running challenge of epic proportions. This video is about Tellman Knudson, a novice ultra marathon runner who is 33 days into a 99 day barefoot run across continental america. Hats off to the man. I really hope he makes it. He is raising money for homeless youth so please support him.




Video with Sir Richard Branson

Best of luck Tellman, keep on keepin on!!



Tellman said...

Thanks Gary!

It's good to know there are people out there supporting the cause!

It's 29 degrees and I got to go and bang out 24 this morning.


garobbins said...

Dude you're incredible!! If you ever find yourself in the greater Vancouver area please drop me a line as I'd love to grab lunch and maybe even a barefoot run with you!!

Best of luck with the rest of your journey!