April 09, 2009

Trying To Do It All

Ahh Thursdays, the day I am not supposed to be on the internet...can't I just tell you that I wrote this yesterday and then 'time stamped it' to appear on here today? OK, it's over. It's been over since before it started. I can not go a full day a week without internet. My main goal was to simply ensure that I was not wasting too much time on here...I don't own a t.v., and although I surely spend too much time on Facebook catching up with people, I am actually quite happy with my internet limitations...or at least that's what I will continue to tell myself!

I got caught last night trying to do it all. I had an incredible week planned out for myself, of which I am now in the middle of. It consisted of trying to get 100 miles of running in. I also wanted to add in 100 miles of riding. To 'balance' out the week I was going to attend a concert on Wed night, 'Friendly Fires' were performing at Richards on Richards in Vancouver and my friend had taken care of tics. I had never been to a concert at 'Dicks on Dicks'...yeah, that's what it's known as, and I was excited for the evening.

To finish out the week I had also planned to throw in dinner tonight with a few friends, a birthday party out on the town on Sat night for fellow Western States attendee Wade Repta, and then a 60+km run on Sun. This of course would all have to fall outside of working a full time job.

I guess I forgot to 'schedule' in the sleeping side of things because last night I lay down to grab a quick nap before heading to the show and I ended up missing the entire thing! I actually set my alarm wrong and my thirty minute nap was set to be a 23h30m nap...uhh, yeah, I usually do a good job of listening to my body, thankfully this time my body subliminally took over and kept me down for the count. I still have a ton to conquer in the next 3.5 days, which is just one more reason that I should not be on here right now! At least I got my one night of proper sleep taken care of for the week!



Deanna Stoppler said...

Whoo! Gotta love life eh? For your sake, I'm happy that you got a good "nap" in last night. I don't have a T.V. either and, man, am I glad!

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

wow...100 miles of running plus 100 miles of biking...how exactly does that balance out? haha...


Next to you the ever-ready bunny is looking kinda slow! But even the ever-ready bunny needs his batteries re-charged!
Oh yeah, apparently I do have an identity on this site.

garobbins said...

Hey Deanna...should I admit that I just took my t.v. out of storage for the NHL hockey playoffs?? I fully intended to do so, although I was hoping I would have been able to cheer for The Oilers:(
Gilder, 100 n 100, total balance!
Heather, you have a blog, haha, funny you had forgotten about it!