April 12, 2009

60k, The Hard Way

(There are numerous out and backs on this route, in case you are looking at it thinking it's short! I started from home and linked together 60k with under 10k on road, and over 7,000 feet of climbing:)

I generally don't like to make life too easy for myself, and most certainly have an issue saying 'no' to anything that sounds like it could in any way shape or form be considered fun by myself and at least any one other individual on this planet...which is to say, I often get caught trying to do too much.

As mentioned, last night was my good friends b.day get together, and there were ten of us, pretty much all from the running community, heading out to party it up. Long story short is that I had already hit 100k on the week and was going to make my 100 miles regardless of how the party went. For a short time a few days back I flirted with the idea of hitting 180k of running this week...but sleep won out for once!

Last night was a ton of fun and I consumed many a drink...somewhere into double digits, but not sure exactly how far I got? Anyways, I told myself that there would be absolutely ZERO excuses not to hit my mileage today. At 6am, after 2hr of sleep I awoke to cold sweats and wasn't so sure how I was going to pull this off? The answer lay in a bottle of ibuprofen, a few liters of water, a few more hours sleep, and then caffeine...lotsa caffeine!!

It goes without saying that it was a long day on the trails, but I was proud to knock down that 60k today and the sun actually broke through for the last thirty minutes of the run! I told myself there would be no excuses and I ignored the numerous, very rational I might add, ones that continually presented themselves to me. In the end I hit my running miles for the week and came up shy on the biking mileage at just 75km. However, the biking is a secondary, no stress to log time or miles, compliment to my training. Which is to say, if it rains, the bike stays inside!

It's time for some serious sleep. Diez Vista 50k is this Sat, so I even get to sleep in tomorrow, and I might just do the same on Tues as well!



Nicola Gildersleeve said...

The rain was nuts yesterday. We didn't get out until 9:30 and it seemed like the longest 5 hours I have ever ran and went by super slow. But, running in the rain is kind of fun after a while!


Aah, the great long 'hangover run'. Been there.It certainly builds Character. I call it being a 'drinker with a running problem' ha!

Seeing that Garmin map reminds me how fabulous the company is. I sent my abused, dead Garmin watch to texas last month (no reciepts, nothing). It came back today 'refurbished'- it looks NEW to me! no charge! great choice of company

garobbins said...

That's very impressive with that Garmin story, good to know their customer service is top notch!
I think I am still recovering from that run however:)