April 15, 2009

Montrail Sweeps Cdn Ultra Runners Of The Year For 2008

I just got this in my inbox first thing this morning:

Ellie, Gary,

On behalf of ACU executive, I am glad to announce you that you have been named the 2008 - ACU (Assoc Of Cdn Ultramarathoners) ultrarunners of the year. Your constant in your races has been, for both of you, a great factor in your nomination.
All Provincial representatives had to make proposals with the criteria established, and at the end, the ACU executives had to make the final choice...Your are our choices!


Michel Gouin
ACU president

(This is how I felt when I opened this e-mail! Notice the old school Montrail Masai shoes in there:)

First off, huge congrats to Ellie for grabbing this award, although I am sure she won by a landslide! I honestly can not remember the last time she did not win a race?

For myself, I am truly flattered by this. I won't lie, when I decided to fully pursue ultrarunning in July of last year, I had set out a long term goal for myself to try to win the 2009 ACU ultrarunner of the year...to win it in 08 however, was way more than I thought possible in such a short period of time! This is a by-product of a longer term goal and as such definitely took me by surprise!

Thanks so much to The ACU for this honor. I was almost speechless when I found out...almost.

Diez Vista 50k in three days...just gotta stick to the taper plan and not let the excitement of winning this award allow me to get carried away on my evening runs right now:)

I should also throw in a quick thanks to all my sponsors, they truly are amazing:

-Mountain Hardware
-Mind Over Mountain Adventure Racing
-Carbo Pro / 1200 / Thermolytes / Recover-Amino Power
-Princeton Tec Sport Lights



Deanna Stoppler said...

Party on dude! That is GREAT news! And I love that photo. Puts a smile on my face. Wooooooo!

Deb said...

That's wicked Gary, way to go!

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

Shit YA! Congrats. I didn't even know such an award existed...sweet! Something to push towards. Are you a member?

mo said...

never doubted you for a second. That really is a great picture.

Rob Mackay said...

Congrats from the Island, Gary. You deserve it!

MJ said...

If THAT is how you felt when you won I can assume this award is quite an honour!

Good for you!

Good luck on the upcoming race too...

The Chaser said...

that is awesome GR. hopefully you get a nice sash or something that you can wear to your races to scare the other runners.

Anonymous said...

well done Gary!! you deserve it!

garobbins said...

Thanks so much guys, really appreciate all the support:)
Funny thing with that pic is that I finished 6th in that race, but it was my first ever 50k, I was only hoping for top ten, and the guy screaming with me is my friend from Wisconsin who surprised me there at the finish line!


Congrats to you and Ellie. You both deserve the award without a doubt!

Anonymous said...

Dude...YOU ROCK!!!
I'll have a drink in your honour.

Hays said...

Congrats Gary!

Anonymous said...

yah - and that's the only ultra i ever beat you in u rat. :)) congrats on the nomination and the diez vista win too. waiting for the report and the invite to tim hortons for a celebration donut..


garobbins said...

Thanks guys...well all except Duncan of course, that goes without saying!

DSD said...

Way to go Gary!

Anonymous said...

don't not choke on that donut...