April 14, 2009

21st Fastest Of 08?

I just randomly found my name on another blog and learned that apparently my 17h39m, 100 mile time at Stormy last August, was good enough to get me the 21st fastest North American 100 mile time of 2008...huh, I'll take it! Not too shabby for my one and only attempt at the distance I guess. The top 100 times can be found here.

Many other B.C. and Montrail athletes made the top 100 list in distances ranging from 50k on up. David Crerar has been kind enough to pull and paste the highlights onto his blog, which you can link to here.

Congrats to everyone!! It's really cool to see so many locals doing well on 'the big scene' down south, and collectively we only seem to be getting faster with each and every race. I think a part of that is knowing that the guy/gal who lines up next to you here in B.C. is able to compete against the best of the best south of the border...so why can't you and I do the same?
Who knows, it might only be a matter of time before we start claiming the top spots in the biggest races of them all...


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