June 03, 2008

The World Needs More...


That was the quote of the day yesterday, and was uttered by yours truly as I was viewing pictures of this weekends Iron Knee 25km and Tender Knee 12km trail races.

Streaking seems to be more of a European thing to do, or at least it's more common outside of the confines of North America. As I was discussing with friends we exchanged the following dialogue:

"In the States you'd be tackled, beaten, arrested, and the threat to national security would be raised to code amber/orange/purple."

"In Europe you'd be cheered on by the crowd and have drinks bought for you afterwards."

"In Canada we simply pretend not to notice what's happening and there is an uncomfortable silence that ensues."

"In Australia or New Zealand there'd be six people doing it together and more would join in with each additional stride!"

Anyways, all this to simply show a half naked dude on my blog. Whoever you are naked runner, I applaud you and your efforts this past weekend. As much as I ain't into naked dudes, I hope to see you, or someone like you...women can streak too...at future trail running events on The North Shore!

Here's a short photo montage of my own naked experiences in the past...those who have known me for awhile, know that public nudity, in the right context, is always high on my 'to do' list!

(Baja Travesia, rapping into water at night, clothes were useless anyways!)
(There is a toque and elastic band combo hiding my actual bits and pieces)
(They took three days to return...)
(Lost the toque in the water...didn't care at this point!)
(Many, many moons ago in Australia)
(Just remembered another one...I'm sure my folks are loving this blog posting! Be sure to read the shirt as you will at least understand why I choose to do this one)



Anonymous said...

Ahhhh nudity... It's always good when you mean to do it...
Thanks for sharing all your parts Gary- I won't be able to look you in the eyes after that... ;)

garobbins said...

HAHA, when you mean to do it indeed...at least most times when you do not intend to do so there isn't photographic evidence to follow!

Deanna Stoppler said...

Love it! That's great.

Anonymous said...

Dude, where can we get the shirt?? That is brilliant and I would love to wear it at the Canadian Death Race next year!


garobbins said...

What's not to love about public nudity!!
www.clubfatass.com awesome shirts for sure!!