May 31, 2008

Quotes Of The Day

For quite some time now I've been meaning to throw 'quotes of the day' on here, and not just your typical motivational quotes that you can find on numerous websites as it is, I mean the actual words that I hear in conversation with people throughout my day to day life. I find myself saying "that's the quote of the day" quite often and will do my best to remember them and get them right. Here are two examples from the last two days,

"I said he's my buddy, I did not say I liked him!"

"Any day above ground is a good day son. I don't think anyone who was given another shot at life would ever find issue with a rainy day again."

On another note, congrats to all Iron Knee and Tender Knee runner's today, especially my buddy, who I even like, Aaron Heidt, who yet again managed to set a new course record at an event. He has single handedly been rewriting the local trail running record books since he strapped up his first pair of trail shoes just one year ago. Keep an eye out for him at the Cascade Crest 100 Miler in late August...could he possibly set a course record in his first ever 100 miler...



Anonymous said...

Either that or kill myself trying. Thanks for the props.

garobbins said...

I guess I shoulda mentioned KK first...but that's one course record that was built to stand...and yes that's a personal challenge to you!!