August 04, 2011

White River 50

I had been told that the White River 50 miler was one of the absolute must attend races of the year here in the Pacific North West, ranking right up there with James Varner's Orcas Island 50k in Feb. In the end it certainly did not disappoint as I got to catch up on a lot of old friendships, and forge some new ones as well.

My scooter purchase has continually proven to be the best $500 I've spent in recent memory and I had a bit of fun chasing some of the runners around the course. Here's a short vid that I set to FFD, which I personally think makes it a bit of fun to watch. Congrats to everyone who participated, and hats off to the organizers for what appeared to be a flawlessly organized event.

Funny Fridays will be posted on Sunday afternoon: Also, there won't be a Funny Fridays this week, I know, I know, huge sigh by seven people right. Personally I'm flying down to my first ever Outdoor Retailer in Utah and nothing has readily found me this week that's worth posting. Have a great weekend playing in the sunshine!



Sara Montgomery said...

Great video, Gary!

Roxy seems to love your scooter too!! :)

Have fun in Utah.

Thomas said...

No wonder that dog is getting excited with all those people running in a funny way!

Michael Owen said...

Your dog needs to be in movies.

Gary Robbins said...

Yeah Roxy is loving chasing me around again.

Michael, don't you mean I should be in movies? No wait, you're right, my Dog should totally have her own sitcom.


Sara said...

Very nice! Good to see your smiley face out there. How did the scooter fare offroad?

garobbins said...

Surprisingly good! No worse for wear and now it looks properly used.



Love to see your support for the trail runners out there- Great video! Now I'm wishing I went!

Anonymous said...

hehe...awesome video! :)

Leslie said...

Too fun, GR!