August 07, 2011

Funny Fridays...on a Sunday

The Sexy Scooter Song

Gotta thank Chris Downie for the forward on this one. Highlight sexy dance moves happen just over one minute in. I'm sorry...but not really,

I'm always on the hunt for funny vids to post. If you have something you think would work in here please drop me an email at and I'll be sure to properly thank you if it makes the cut.



Jenn said...

ok- is this honestly for REAL???

Sara said...

I'm taking notes. Luke can thank you later!

garobbins said...

Jenn, I suspect that it is, though when they insert the pics of the Harley Davidson I'm sure they're at least 'taking the piss' a little bit

Sara, I look forward to your next 50mile finish line celebration dance moves!


Jude said...

omG... i just couldn't turn away.! It was sO High ENergy and that man's hair... woOWW... luscious. Gary thanks for posting.. you have made me that much smarter :)