November 24, 2010

New Toys!

Yes this will be a sponsor shout out and some will view it as a 'commercial', but honestly I just LOVE new gear, especially when it's DRASTICALLY IMPROVED GEAR! I'm still blind from staring directly into the light to see just how bright it is...yeah, I'm that smart. Forgive any spelling mistakes as I'm seeing spots right now!

Short but sweet, Princeton Tec just released their brand new 200 Lumen APEX light. If you already know the Apex, yes you just read that right, it's almost twice as bright as the previous version! AND it won't cost a dime more than the first version, and they say that the battery life is not compromised whatsoever. (I will be testing this myself once I cut this damn plaster off of my leg).

I've talked up the original Apex in the past and have even given a few of em away on here...if I'm really nice to the boys down at Princeton Tec lights, who knows, maybe we'll be able to have a draw for the new light in the not so distant future!

The PUSH. New from PT is a 100 lumen ready to rock bike mount light. By 'ready to rock' I mean it's all pre-assembled in the box and you simply turn one screw onto your handlebars and you're good to go. Here's where I feel that the light really distinguishes itself though, it doubles as a handheld flashlight, it weighs next to nothing, it runs on just three AAA batteries, AND it has built in red flashers on the side of the light to ensure you'll be seen in all directions. Now that's a well thought out piece of brightness!

The BYTE. Also new and super light at just 64 grams. 35 lumens, two AA batteries, high beam, low beam, red beam, and all for under twenty bucks!

There, I'm done! All geeked out and loving my new if only these spots I'm seeing would fade away. Must stop staring directly into lights dammit...



Adamo said...

Hey Gary, thanks for the review. Should have held out for 200 Lumen bad boy, but have been enjoying my puny 130 lumen Apex that you and others recommended. I hate time-change/winter, but nice to be able to extend runable hours on the trails, even though the battery pack is bigger than my head.

garobbins said...

Yeah I only just found out about it myself or I would have mentioned it to ya! Hope you're liking the new set up.