January 03, 2010

300km - 10 Days - 27hr - I'm Ready!

(CFA NYD 50k, as you can see not the nicest day for a run!)

I just knocked down the biggest and bestest training block of my short ultra specific training 'career'. I managed to log a full 300km in ten days of running, but the most amazing part to me is that I somehow feel great after all of it and am only slowing down now because I have HURT Hawaii 100 miler in just two short weeks!

The total distance broke down to be about 1/3 flat non-tech-road, 1/3 moderate yet challenging trail, and 1/3 highly technical mountainous climbs and descents. I covered the total distance in just under 27hr and had no major issues along the way. Other than general fatigue and some serious mental resistance on some mornings!

I stuck with a daily post run ice bath, compression socks for recovery, compression calf guards during my runs, was strict on my recovery drinks, and I slightly bumped up my daily consumption of my recover amino-power tabs.

Here's how it broke down. Oh yeah, it also helped that I had five of the ten days off due to the holidays, so free time was on my side. I also had one full week away from running due to Tamsin's hospital scare going into this block, so I was fairly fresh and determined to take advantage of my final few days of training.

Thu Dec 24th: 32km/2h40m

Fri Dec 25th: 50km/4h20m

Sat Dec 26th: 40km/4h15m

Sun Dec 27th: 15km/1h15m

Mon Dec 28th: 15km/1h25m

Tue Dec 29th: 20km/1h50m

Wed Dec 30th: 38km/3h40m

Thu Dec 31st: 10km/50m

Fri Jan 1st: 70km/5h45m

(Club Fat Ass 50k sandwiched between 10k runs to and from. Finished 4th in 3h59m)

Sat Jan 2nd: 10km/50m

Bring on my third 100 miler in less than two weeks time!! Just a heads up, I'm apparently bib number 85, lucky number Ochocinco baby!



Tom Craik said...

Mind blowing, Gary! I really can't understand how you manage it without injury or burn out. Those aminos are magic I guess?

All the best in Hawaii, man!

Derrick said...

Great block! Nice to be able to get that in over the holidays too.

Stay sane during the next two weeks and don't taper too much.

Aaron said...

That is sick.

Deb said...

That's pretty insane Gary...well done! I'm stoked for your race in Hawaii...good luck!!

garobbins said...

Thanks guys! I'm honestly as amazed as anyone that my body has adjusted to these distances so well in just over a year of running specific training. All I know is that I can't wait to get to Hawaii at this point!!


Vince said...

Good luck at HURT! You're ready dude!