July 27, 2009

Sahale Peak Video

Recapping the great mtn run that was Sahale Peak. Crossing paths with a deer, a hoary marmot or two, a family of mountain goats with a baby in tow, a grouse, and then traversing a glacier, while also managing to squeeze in a view or two along the way. It's a beautiful and highly recommended area to check out!

Funny side story, I'm on my way back down the mountain, feeling like I'm in heaven and effortlessly flying through the panoramic scenery when I pass a young couple hiking up,


"Huh? Did you just say my name?"

Keep in mind that I'm in a new area that I've never visited before about 350km from my doorstep. Turns out I was looking at a guy by the name of Jove Graham, who's name I recognize from a few ultra runs in the last few years including Diez Vista and Orcas Island, but we'd never officially met. Jove said he saw a runner bombing down the mountain and knew it could only be a handful of people...my Montrail gear might have tipped him off as well. We had a great ten minute chat before departing ways. Gotta love the tight knit fabric of the ultra running scene!



Derrick said...

Great video Gary. Incredible views!


wow, you are getting quite good at this video editing! The random finger pointing is quite funny!! This hike is a must do in my lifetime... and next time I see you I will do the 'ROBBINS?!" thing.
Love to see your times on your adventures. What should we call this run/hiking thing; riking? or rucking? Certainly a huge difference from the estimated hiking time on the 'brochures'

René said...

Did i see the new Garmin Forerunner 310XT on your wrist!? Do you like this watch?

Scott Corsie said...

Great video Gary.
Apparently you are unaware that the Sahale Peak Marmot is protected from finger squishing. I recently saw a special on the Nature of Things where finger squishing poachers were arrested in a "save the Marmot" sting operation.
Seriously though, where is Sahale Peak... looks awesome, I would love to check it out.

Deanna Stoppler said...

I have met some of my closest friends from ultra runs. I love the community!

Gary Robbins said...

-I can't really take credit for much but pushing a button on my camera, incredible scenery for sure!
-Rucking sounds cool, but I think Speed Scrambling is already being circulated?
-310 KICKS ASS! 20hr battery like and I honestly like the usability of it more than the 405. Wasn't much of a fan of the bezel system.
-I had no idea the Marmot was protected, luckily he outran my squishing attempts of I could have been in trouble with the law!