July 29, 2009

Howe Sound Crest Trail (V3.0)

It's been a crazy-awesome week, yes I just said that, crazy-awesome! Starting with last Wednesday's Sahale Peak adventure run, I was able to follow up by running the absolutely gorgeous Howe Sound Crest Trail on Sunday, then I took off to Manning Park B.C. for two fun filled days of mountain running on Tues and Wed this week, just getting back a few short hours ago. In the last eight days I've managed to string together some of the most beautiful runs to be had within a 4hr radius of North Vancouver. There's still plenty more out there, but all in all it's be a great week!

Here's a quick photo tour of The Howe Sound Crest Trail. It's a point to point 30-35km mountain run. My GPS says 30km, some books say 35km, either way it's a fun filled day of tough mountain running. The quick cap is that it has over 6,000 feet of climbing and 9,000 feet of descent. You can also add a bit o climbing to that if you scramble up 'The West Lion', which is of course a must do on the route! I ran the trail with my Trans Rockies teammate Tamsin Anstey and my Montrail-Mountain Hardwear teammate Ryne Melcher. We were fortunate enough to cross paths with six friends from North Van who were also out out enjoying the perfect July day...with temps up into the mid 30's!

More to come on Manning Park in the next few days. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the shots from The HSCT.

Oh, and here's a quick 20sec vid of my trip to the U.S. yesterday as well...



Anonymous said...

"just getting back a few short hours ago."

hmm.. so how many minutes are there in these short hours of yours? and how many would be in a "long" hour?? if a short hour and a long hour get together do they create a normal hour?! :)) rofl

mo said...

you are pushing your luck buddy...first mailing suspicious packages into the US then sneaking across the border...all the more reason we need a burning river of gas on all our borders http://www.atom.com/funny_videos/shorties_johannsen_fire/
gorgeous trails


I'm jealous... thats all I have to say.