May 06, 2009

D.V. Race Vids For Sale, & I Is A Twitterer!

Yes I know proper and improper English BTW...

Diez Vista: Once again Brett Daly was out capturing all of the days action unfold and he has since put together a great DVD of the race. The video consists of a mix of footage pre and post race, along with numerous sections throughout the race. However most importantly is that Brett filmed each and EVERY competitor crossing the finish line (except for the last 5, as he had to leave before they finished), so you know you are almost definitely in it! I know we don't all look great when we cross that line, but personally I think it's kinda nice to have a memento like this after a big race!

Brett is most certainly only doing this to try and capture the spirit of the event, for even though he has since spent many an hour editing it all together, he is only looking to charge $5 per DVD, including shipping!! FIVE BUCKS, that's about what most people will pay for their next 1/2 caf, soy frappa, chocolate mocca, london fog, sugar steamed, dairy free, Starbucks concoction!!

You can drop Brett a line at:
and I'm sure he'll get your copy out to you asap so that you can view it over, and over, and over again:)

On another note, I somehow got talked into the world of Twittering, you can now find my Twitter account at 'lifeontherun01'.
I must admit, for someone who really didn't think much of the whole Tweetin thing not so long ago, I am adamantly impressed that you can update your page through a simple text message. This past Monday Ryne Melcher and I headed out to run The Juan De Fuca trail on Vancouver Island, and I was able to update our progress whenever we had cell reception. At the very least, I know my parents will be interested in this sorta thing and that I'll pick up at least one 'follower'.

JDF hopefully coming tomorrow...



MJ said...

Hey Gary...

You inadvertently put an 'e' into lifeontherun01 in your post. Some people may not be finding your twitter page.... (they would not make good detectives...)


garobbins said...

MJ, you're a rock star! Thanks for pointing that out:)