April 30, 2009

Another 3,000 Feet

(Google Earth overlay)

(Roxy and I, with 'The Lion's' behind us. Still lots of snow up top!)

Great morning today, on only 5hr sleep, as it seems no matter how tired I am I can never quite get myself to hit the hay before midnight?

Lisa. P, as always, was right on time and we heading out to run to the top of Grouse Mountain and back. Our 6am start meant we were on top of the world staring down at Vancouver before 8am...quite the beginning to a day:)
(Looking down on West Van from the top of Grouse)
(Roxy got jealous!)

I was surprised at how my legs held up on the climb and even more impressed with how they handled the 1h10m descent. All in all another great day in one of the best places in Canada! As April fades into May it is hard to believe how nice the weather was these last four weeks. Growing up in Newfoundland I feel like summer should be coming to a close after seeing the beginnings of an actual suntan!
(I LOVE my GPS watch!)

Thankfully, the best still is yet to come...on so many levels!



Clara said...

All I have to say is that #1, that route is freakin ridiculous....#2, I realllly hope you appreciate how pretty that area is!!! I have awesome run-down buildings and funky houses to look at during my runs (oh ya, and roadkill).

Deanna Stoppler said...

What a run with the ladies!

Deb said...

I'm jealous of your sweet trail runs! It's too darn snowy in the mountains out this way...argh. On a brighter note, I am heading back to Newfoundland in 2 weeks for my first visit in 2 years....I can't wait to do some trail running there!!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog brother. I shouldn't envy you and Ryne but I do for the simple fact that you get to run on the best terrain every day. No problem on the music side. Half that stuff I stumble across watching Warren Miller Ski movies. Nice win at Diez Vista too. Looks like your ready to tackle Western States. I keep looking for jobs up towards you and Ryne. Maybe one day I'll be able to get out that way and you guys can show me how the Big Dogs train. Take care man.

Gary Robbins said...

-Yup, not a day goes by that I don't fully appreciate how fortunate I am for all I have hear. It is an incredible area for sure!
-Those ladies kick my ass on EVERY run!
-Jealous that you're heading home...I'll be there in Nov for a wedding. First time back in just over 2 years...why is it so expensive to fly within Canada, I just flew to Germany for WAY LESS!!
-David, get yer ass out here, it's incredible! Melcher is never leaving, haha. I'm sure the Van pro b.ball teams could always use a pitcher...

René said...

Gary, i like your new blog picture!

garobbins said...

Thanks Rene! It's at the end of the last trekking stage of XPD Australia. The course was 800km long, and by this point in time my feet no longer fit into my shoes! We trekked about 7km barefoot, then got on our bikes for the last 65km of the race. It was amazing how much better we felt once we got on the bikes, but I'll never forget how destroyed my body was and how hungry I was on this stage...we also ran out of food 12hr earlier!!