August 18, 2008

Golden Ears Adventure Run

Couple of quick things to mention. First, my Stormy race report, which I realize was way too damn long! It was my first 100 miler though and I wanted something detailed to reference in the future. Congrats to the three people who actually made it through it.

As mentioned Jackie ran the 50 mile version, her first shot at that distance, and she placed 4th female in a time of 9hr26m! It was a great weekend for both of us.

Recovery has been much better than I anticipated, and outside of our 4km, 1.5hr walk of pain the day after our races, it's been going well. I got back on my feet again on Saturday with a slow 2hr run with some local 'Fat Asses', and yesterday Jackie and I headed to Maple Ridge to run the backcountry route up to the summit of Golden Ears (24km, 5.5hr). Another stellar weekend and although my knee was a bit swollen after the run it all felt great. Time to start logging some miles again!



Matt Hart said...

i can't believe you are back at it already! sheet.

garobbins said...

Slowly but surely...felt great overall but did a face plant and whacked my knee, should be fine by tomorrow!
Let's knock down some adventure runs together!

Anonymous said...

you are a freaking run junkie! hey, i'm starting to log a few runs now, i will be doing this on the shore tomorrow and thursday around 1pm. cheers!

billy eh!

garobbins said...

Around 1pm eh...shouldn't you be WORKING at that time of the day...slacker!!