August 20, 2008

Back On The Horse

Well, it's time, the countdown to the Cumberland MOMAR is at just over a month now, and yesterday I finally got back on my mountain bike again...for the first time since BC Bike Race!! Yeah, I know, that's almost seven weeks, but without going into detail, I very literally only got my mountain bike back from a post race mix up one week ago, so I wasn't completely slacking!

I had a friend from Australia in town visiting. Actually we met during the XPD expedition adventure race that we competed in last, has it really been one full year already! During that race as we were neck and neck with their team for quite some time. If you happen to remember that race report, they were the team that we were trekking with when we made our fatal mistake on our last night of the race that lead to our zombie walking episode. Anyways, he mentioned back then that he was planning to come to Canada for a visit in 08 and I insisted that he drop me a line and hang out for a few days of riding. I had pretty much forgotten this until hearing from Paul just over a month ago, and in the end he ended up being the kick in the ass that I needed.

After hooking Paul up with one of my own Helly Hansen Lifa's, we were ready to rip!
Tuesday we hit up a 2.5hr ride and followed that up with the Tuesday Night Deep Cove Paddle Race. A great day of A.R. specific training. Today we hit the bikes again for just over an hour and although Paul flew out early this evening he did manage almost two full weeks of riding throughout Whistler, Squamish, and North Van. Once I returned from dropping Paul at the airport I joined a few friends for a night run out to Norvan Falls (15km, 2hr). It did nothing but rain for the last two days, but thankfully it didn't slow us down one bit...every day above ground is a good day, I doubt anyone, given a second shot at life, would ever complain about a rainy day again!



Deanna Stoppler said...

what a cool tree. is that you riding under it?

Gary Robbins said...

No, that's Paul ripping under it, but I was tempted to walk up and re-ride it for my own action shot at I thought it was a really cool part of the trail! Being in the rain forest, on a rainy day, is really something special.