December 22, 2007

Winter is All About Playing

Just loving the winter play time right now...some might call it training, but that seems to imply lack of fun, and it's been all about the fun factor lately! From back country skiing, to back country snowshoeing, Roxy has been sleeping very well!

I still seem to feel my foot injury, from the West Coast Trail run in August, from time to time. It is however at a point where I can almost completely ignore it, which I guess means it can't be that bad. Basically, as long as it doesn't get worse, I'll be fine. I have found that wearing a more stable running shoe, The Montrail Hardrock, has made a huge difference with this lately. Anything less has left me limping for a bit afterwards. It's all about the right foot ware...have I mentioned that I Manage a running store? North Shore Athletics? On Cleveland Ave in Squamish?

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, hope the fat guy is good to you!!

Merry Ho Ho,

P.S. That's Roxy's pre Christmas gift you can see her wearing...and yes I am proud of the fact that my dog now wears a jacket!

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