October 10, 2007

A Tragic Loss

I received a text message from Denis Fontaine late last week asking what my plans were for the Sunday of the long weekend. I responded that I had to work. I never work Sunday's, I think it was my second Sunday shift in four or five months? I asked what the plan was, knowing Denis it would be big. The initial idea was to do the original Sea To Summit race course, from Deep Cove to Whistler in a day, via kayak and bike, and then follow that up with some partying of course!

The Indian Arm access road was closed due to a washout and the route was altered to paddling to Anvil Island, running to the top, paddling back to the mainland and then cycling the 100km up to Whistler. There were eight people out on the day.

On their return paddle from Anvil Island the group ended up in two meter waves and 85km an hour winds. A kayak flipped throwing two people into the frigid waters. The situation continually worsened and eventually four people were left fighting for their lives in the Pacific Ocean. The remaining four paddlers did absolutely everything in their power to save them. Coast Gaurd were dispatched, two helicopters and a hovercraft arrived as quickly as was possible. In the end two people, Denis Fontaine and Richard Juryn did not make it.

Between them both they knew the greater portion of the adventure racing, ultra running and mountain biking communities in B.C. It is a tragic loss and they will forever be remembered as people who lived life large, enjoying every single day to its fullest.

You will be missed by many, matched by few, replaced by none.

"Tomorrow is promised to no one"


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