October 07, 2007

Dog's Are The Best

(This picture was NOT taken today)

I am sitting here now, staring out my window at rains the likes that I have not seen in over six months. It is absolutely pouring out there, a deluge as one person called it. I am wondering if I will need to start taking boxes up out of the basement in case of flooding, and am pondering building an Arc if this continues much longer.

As I sat down to eat breakfast this morning Roxy walked past and leaned against the sliding doors to the patio. She loves to lean on things, all the time, it's pretty funny to see. Anyways, she's leaning against the window, tail slapping against the wall, big smile on her face and staring straight at me...

"When we going outside?" She was asking.

As I shoveled another scoop of Gluten Free cereal into my mouth I laughed,

"We are NOT going out there today!"

"Oh c'mon Dad, it's not that bad, it'll be fun!"

"I can see the rain bouncing off of the road, there is a river in our driveway and a family of ducks just moved into the yard. NO WAY!!"

"Fine, I will simply continue to do exactly what I am currently doing. I'm going to stare you down, slap my tail against the wall and try to lean my body through this door."

"Have at er Rox."

"AND, and, and, I am going to sing!!"

"Oh c'mon! That's enough, look out there, no way, no way, no way, noooooo....fiinneee, I'm getting my rain gear on!" (My top notch Helly Hansen rain gear!)

Five minutes later we were out there walking in what appeared to be a tropical storm. If the wind would pick up I'd call it a hurricane, but as it was, I could have gone swimming and stayed drier.

We went for an hour, might as well make it worth your while right. During that hour we came across but four other people, as any sane person was curled up on the couch and watching football, or the news, or renting a movie. What I couldn't help but notice though, was that the only people outside, were other dog owners.

The moral of this story, dog's are awesome! While everyone else was inside hiding out, Roxy and I were out there enjoying playing in the rain...OK, enjoying it may be stretching it, but you get my point. A dog is never going to let you lead a sedentary lifestyle. On top of all the other benefits of having a caring, loving creature at your side, they just don't seem to register, or care, when the weather is crap. So dog or not, get up off yer ass and go walk in the rain...it's never quite as bad as you think it is anyways!


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