September 10, 2007

A Second Short Video of The Lead Up To XPD

As a small side note to this video, I meant to say 1/16 of an inch, not 1/4 inch, and our absolutely brilliant idea failed miserably. Not only did it NOT prevent flat tires, it actually caused our first three!!

Also, if you have not already signed up for this Facebook crap, DON'T DO IT MAN. I'm telling you it's some kind of funky new drug and you don't even know you're on it. I think it works on mind control but am kind of unsure as the last 24hr's of my life are nothing but a big Facebook blur.

I am actually fortunate that this race season is pretty much over, because F.B. seems to work on some kind of gravitational pulley system, and it actually sucks you very existence right into your computer screen. I don't know how anyone without internet access at work can make it through their day.


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