September 27, 2007

You HAVE TO Check Out This Trail Run!!

I simply can not say enough about my 25km run on 'The East Coast Trail.'

I ran but 10% of the current 220km that is already 'hardened to a world class hiking standard', and by 2016 they anticipate having the entire 540km route completed with signage and trail maps!

The current 220km is broken up nicely into eighteen different accessible sections, with each area providing an experience in and of itself. For my run I chose to go from 'Bay Bulls' to 'Shoal Bay', thereby seeing 'The Spout.' This is a naturally occurring spray of water that shoots up twenty to thirty feet into the air as ocean waves make their way under and up into the rocky shoreline!

The weather could not have been better, and the scenery really did surprise me at every single corner. I thought I would take two hours to run the trail, but I was stopping and admiring so many sections that it was full three and a half hours to complete! I anticipate returning to run the route in its entirety in the near future.

I shot a video of the run and although at six minutes it is waaaay longer than I had anticipated, I think you will agree that I did not have a choice in the matter!
(This video is best viewed in it's original size which you can do by clicking on the down drop arrow in the bottom right corner of the video screen...enjoy)

MOMAR, Cumberland in 34 hours...



jtotheon said...
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jtotheon said...


So awesome that you have made it home and get to see the sights with all the experiences that you now have under your belt. My visit to NFLD this summer was for the first time and it too caught me by surprise. I had no idea Canada looks the way it does out there.

John Hymmen

garobbins said...

Thanks John, I'm glad you enjoyed your time out east!
Say hi to Jessie for me.