July 02, 2007

Back Safe and Sound

Here are a few more photos a friend sent me from The Test Of Metal a few weeks back.

Just back into town tonight from Prince Rupert and as always, team Helly Hansen/MOMAR have some tales to tell from our latest race...when I finally get to the race report it will detail our last place overall ranking after the first stage to our 5Th place overall after the second stage comeback. How we thought we had 5Th place sewn up, only to be sewing up our inflatable kayak a few hours later...and what would an expedition race be without a rescued hypothermic racer?

RTNX was held in two stages and although we were unranked after the 1st three day stage we rallied back to be the 2ND overall team to finish the 24hr race after the overnight ferry ride from The Queen Charlotte's back to Prince Rupert...stories to come, just as soon as I catch up on some sleep!


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