June 21, 2007

Raid The North Extreme, Follow Along

Counting down the hours now until I fly to Prince Rupert and from there we are off to The Queen Charlotte Islands for what promises to be an epic race experience.

If you wish to follow along you should be able to track team Helly Hansen/MOMAR on the following websites...and be sure to check back here in early July for a full race report!

-Raid The North
-Mind Over Mountain Adventure Racing Blog

Wish us luck...no more Baja paddling experiences please!



Anonymous said...

Gary, I must admit that, although hard on the eyes, you have become quite the athlete. You've come a long way since we backpacked in Central America. Although you claimed to have been bicycling from Guatemala for months prior to the day we met up, I have always assumed you were just diving up north and just telling people you were biking around. Please, keep me informed on how somebody like myself can see tv/online video footage of the races you are involved in while living in the dirty south.

shawn "forever fit" martin

Anonymous said...
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