December 19, 2010

The Vote, Canadian Woman's Ultra Performance of 2010

You can cast your vote by clicking on the right sidebar but please review our Top Ten List as selected below. Poll will run for one week, Sun 19th till Sun 26th (5pm PST)
Men's vote over on Melcher's Blog

1) Tracy Garneau
HURT 100 Miler, Jan 16th Full Results
1st woman, new course record, 24h06m
Tracy significantly lowered the already highly respected CR set by Krissy Moehl in 2007 at 26h15m

2) Beverly Anderson-Abbs
Pony Express 50 Miler, Feb 27th Full Results
1st woman, new course record, 6h14m
Bev lowered her own Canadian 50 Mile Record by a full twelve minutes

3) Tracy Garneau
American River 50 Miler, April 10th Full Results
1st woman, 6h43m
Tracy's time was the 7th fastest ever and 3rd fastest for anyone not named Ann Trason

4) Ellie Greenwood
Elk-Beaver 100km Trail Race, May 1st Full Results
1st Overall, new course record, 7h36m
Ellie's time is still being verified for a World 100k Record on trails

5) Tracy Garneau
Western States 100 Miler, June 26th Full Results
1st woman, 19h01m
Tracy became the first ever Canadian to win The Grand Daddy of the 100 Milers

6) Ellie Greenwood
The Canadian Death Race 125k, July 30th Full Results
1st woman, 2nd overall, new course record, 13h28m
Finishing 2nd only to Hal Koerner. Her time was the 2nd fastest ever run on the course with Hal setting the new standard just 43 minutes ahead of her.

7) Theresa McGrath
Ottawa Sri Chinmoy 24 Hours, Sept 25th Full Results
1st woman, 2nd overall, 205.629km
The win put Theresa within striking distance of Laurie McGrath's Canadian record of 211.167km

8) Ellie Greenwood
Run For The Toad 50k, Oct 2nd Full Results
1st Overall, 3h37m
Her run was the 3rd fastest ever on the course, men or women, and would be the 2nd fastest women's 50k in Canadian history and would be a Canadian trail 50k record

9) Denise McHale
World 100km Road Championships, Nov 7th Full Results
8th woman, 7h56m
Denise's eighth place finish was also a new Canadian 100km woman's record.

**This is where it gets kinda funny as we list Ellie's result from the same race, however since Denise's time is the Official Canadian 100km record it not only deserves to be included in the list, it also deserves serious consideration in the overall vote**

10) Ellie Greenwood
World 100km Road Championships, Nov 7th Full Results
1st woman, 7h29m
World & European Champion 

It's hard to believe that it was a serious challenge to cut this list down to ten. This has to be one of the best years we've ever seen in the Canadian ultra scene.
If you feel that one of the races dropped from the top ten was the performance of the year, than vote other to let us know. Keep in mind that you're voting on the performance of the year, and not just for your favorite runner, or your favorite race, or for a race you happened to be at when one of these incredible performances took place. 

Ultra Runner Of The Year (UROY) vote to follow.


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