December 30, 2010

Results For Canadian Performances Of 2010

Alright, a wee bit delayed on the follow up considering the poll closed a few days back, however a surprise Christmas visit back to Newfoundland took precedence.

AND THE WINNER IS...drum roll please...

Ellie Greenwood for her World 100km Road Championship victory in Gibraltar, taking 33% of the vote

Second place went to Tracy Garneau for her win on the big stage down at Western States. 26%

Third place also went to Ellie for her course record setting performance at The Canadian Death Race. 18%

Beverly Anderson-Abbs claimed 9% for setting the new Canadian 50 mile trail record,

and Tracy's course record win at HURT Hawaii rounded out the top five with 7% of the vote.

Men's Results over on Melcher's blog

My own thoughts? First and foremost, super stoked to have 153 people partake in the vote! That's up about 50% from last year but with so many incredible performances every vote truly did count in this one so it's not completely surprising.

Beyond that it goes without saying, yet I've now said it twice, 2010 was a truly incredible year for Canadian's in the ultra scene, especially the women!

NEXT UP. Starting tomorrow we'll post the candidates for Male and Female Ultra Runner Of The Year, commonly referred to as the UROY. Melcher and I will post our known results for the best in the country and then leave 72 hours for assistance with filling in the blanks. On Sunday evening around 6pm PST we'll launch the polls, this time for four days instead of a full week.

Alright, Happy New Year to all and to all a good night...or something like that...

Tracy Garneau, HURT
  11 (7%)
Beverly Anderson-Abbs, Pony Express
  14 (9%)
Tracy Garneau, American River
  1 (0%)
Ellie Greenwood, Elk-Beaver
  4 (2%)
Tracy Garneau, Western States
  40 (26%)
Ellie Greenwood, Canadian Death Race
  28 (18%)
Theresa McGrath, Sri Chinmoy
  0 (0%)
Ellie Greenwood, Run For The Toad
  0 (0%)
Denise McHale, World 100k
  3 (1%)
Ellie Greenwood, World 100k
  52 (33%)
  0 (0%)

Votes so far: 153
Poll closed 


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Boris T said...

Congrats to the top winters and all those who were nominated.