April 14, 2010

XS-NRG (An Ultra Running Documentary)

In 2004 four very experienced Canadian ultra runners set out to lay down a speed record on an unchallenged 180km route upon BC's Sunshine Coast, aptly named, 'The Sunshine Coast Trail'. It was their second attempt to cover the terrain non-stop, following a failed assault the previous year. Thankfully for us, they were fortunate enough to bring along a professional film crew to catch all the action!

Dom Repta, Wade Repta, Dave Cressman, and Ean Jackson set out as a unified group to cover this grueling route in one non stop push. What they ended up with was more than they had bargained for, as initial time estimates proved far too generous, but did they bite off more than they could chew? Some of the most experienced ultra runners in Canada called it quits one at a time, until but one man remained. Who was left standing, and was he able to finally conquer this epic route?

XS-NRG is more than just a running documentary. It's not lost on us runners that watching people run ain't exactly the most exciting thing in the world to do! Thankfully the directors recognize this as well and what you end up with is an integrated education about the trail itself. The original trail builders are featured prominently throughout, and they end up being some of the biggest doubters as to the likelihood of someone surviving the entire trail in one go.

The coastline of British Columbia is some of the most varied, fascinating, and gorgeous found anywhere in the world. There are endless shots in this film that will leave you longing to experience this part of the country for yourself, and that's what this trail is all about. It was built with but one objective, to preserve this untouched beauty. The trail is so technically challenging because those tireless trail builders did their absolute best to weave it throughout each remaining patch of old growth forest. Unfortunately little remains, and even what's there is still in danger of being logged.

This film is about people doing what they love. People living with passion and pursuing true long term goals. The original trail builder, showing off his life's achievement to the world, and hoping to make a difference in the process. And the ultra runner, who is more at peace in the middle of a desolate forest at 3am than in the confines of his own home. Together, they both strive to achieve the same end result, to save this trail, by educating people as to its true natural beauty.

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This film makes its official premiere later this month in Powell River on April 24th at The Patricia Theatre.

One week later Vancouver will host an evening on May 1st at The Vancouver Space Centre.

Tickets are $15 in advance and $17 at the door, but early sales are looking good so it's best to book in advance if you can.

OR you can WIN 1 of 2 FREE tickets right here and now...first two people to comment that they are able to attend THE VANCOUVER showing will be awarded the tics (one per person).

It's definitely worth checking out...you might even catch a glimpse of yours truly...just a few months after I laced up my first ever pair of Montrail trail shoes...as you'll undoubtedly notice by my then patented 'funky chicken' arm swing running style. Oh how much I've learned since then!



Scott said...

Okay this sucks, I'm up early, I can winsomething, but I can't go... Oh well I'll have to wait for the DVD. Cheers

Tom Craik said...

I can go. Sounds awesome!

Ray Barrett said...

I can go. But do I have to date Tom?

Pricey said...

I can go - and would be happy to date both Tom and Ray.

Shay said...

thought you'd give them away as a pair, but this is more entertaining. Thanks for the post, Gary!!

Tom Craik said...

Come on, Ray. It could be a nice night. I'll take care of the movie tickets and you can get dinner. Maybe Mexican?

garobbins said...

Alrighty looks like Tom and Ray are heading out on a date together!
Pricey if you offer to buy beers I'm sure they'd let you tag along!

Tom n Ray, e-mail me at robbins_gary@yahoo.ca and I'll get you into contact with Shay so you can claim your tickets!


penrhynplodder said...

ALL DAY - Thanks so much for the interview on Running Stupid - GREAT!

Gary Robbins said...

Lol, thanks! Glad you enjoyed, and made it through, the interview!